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DCspine - 10G promo 2021

DCspine offers you, as an IT partner, the opportunity to realize connectivity between data centers with a high bandwidth of 10Gb at a reduced rate. With DCspine you get a secure and reliable network. Fill out the form below and receive a quote directly in your mailbox.

Please note: We have extended the promotion, it runs until 31st of March 2022.

DCspine Promo - 10G verbinding tussen datacenters

The benefits of DCspine:

  • Fully automated and software-defined network;
  • Streamlined connectivity between 75+ data centers and to the cloud;
  • High bandwidths, scale up and down without downtime;
  • Reliable and scalable IT infrastructure;
  • Manage all your connections from 1 portal;
  • Set up live connections quickly, easily and on demand;
  • With interconnection you connect directly to service and cloud providers.

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