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Secure internet from any datacenter

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Internet access

Maak een directe koppeling met internet vanuit elk gewenst datacenter

Het platform dat connectiviteit tussen datacenters net zo gemakkelijk maakt als binnen één enkel datacenter.

With just a few clicks, you will have access to internet in your datacenter. Adding additional internet accesses is easy, thanks to the intuitive software we deployed.

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Direct, worry-free access to your data

In moving your workloads and applications to external datacenters or into the cloud, worry-free access to all your data is our top priority. In addition, we will ensure rapid, secure remote management of datacenter equipment, applications and configurations. With our internet access, you will always have a direct connection to the internet, and your employees, customers and/or suppliers can have direct access to all the data stored in the datacenter or the cloud.

Internet access without the hassle

Although internet access is available from most datacenters, arranging the administrative and technical aspects can still be quite challenging. Our online portal makes it possible for you to have internet access without any hassle, smoothly and intuitively. And that, of course, applies to all of our 75+ datacenters. 

  • Up to 256 IP addresses for direct internet access from any datacenter connected to the DCspine platform;
  • Fast internet access due to a secure, reliable fiber-optic network;
  • Guaranteed user convenience provided by the fully automated DCspine platform.

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