National Scrubbing Center against DDoS (NaWas)

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A Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) is a cyberattack in which a huge amount of traffic is sent to computers, networks or servers, rendering them unusable by the intended user. Since DDoS attacks cannot be prevented, we recommend that you take measures to minimize the risks involved in cybercrime.

Collective approach against cybercrime

DDoS attacks are evolving rapidly, becoming more complex and increasing in frequency. As a result, anti-DDoS measures are becoming more important. But how do you fend off hackers without draining your financial reserves? The solution is a collective approach, in which DDoS protection and DDoS mitigation services are purchased in combination with other companies. A notable example is the National Scrubbing Center against DDoS attacks (NaWas) provided by the Dutch National Internet Providers Management Organization (NBIP).


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