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DCspine connects you to the services you need, when you need them. DCspine can be seen as a ‘virtual meet-me room’ for all connected datacenters. The connectivity between those datacenters offers the same high quality and streamlined service as the connections within one single datacenter.

High-capacity redundant network

Networks are an integral part of your organization’s ICT landscape. Connectivity is at the heart of that, and is gaining popularity now that data, hardware and applications are increasingly moving to the cloud. This could be a private cloud, public cloud environment or datacenter. Through our network, you have 24/7 access to a secure, scalable and dynamic network, while maintaining control, freedom and flexibility.

  • Direct connection to multiple public clouds;
  • Easy interface with services from service providers (such as VoIP);
  • Direct connection to supplementary services (such as anti-DDoS, IP Transit and peering services);
  • Direct connection to any partners;
  • Redundant network with guaranteed continuity.


Foundation for a solid, future-proof ICT network

A fast, stable and reliable network gives you the assurance that you can move your data streams safely and continuously between locations and networks. 


Benefit from smart, high-quality cloud applications

Cloud connectivity is a fast, easy and flexible way for service providers to set up private connectivity to the public cloud.


Secure internet access and IP Transit from any datacenter

Our 75+ datacenters offer you fast, flexible, scalable and secure internet access.


Direct and private data exchange

With our interconnection platform, there is no need to expand your network to new datacenters to connect to partners, customers or suppliers.


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