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Access a reliable and redundant network between data centers and to the cloud

The platform that makes connectivity between data centers as easy as it is within a single data center.

Networks are becoming more complex and network functionality is steadily becoming more automated. At the same time, you are demanding more and more from your network in terms of reliability, availability and user convenience.

 How do you guarantee secure transport of continuous data flows between and to networks? By ensuring a fast, stable and reliable ICT network.

Solid network solutions

Connectivity is the unifying theme that links all ICT services. This requires a fast, secure and efficient network. Whether that is the cloud, mobile access, WAN or LAN, you always want to rely on the same optimal user experience. That is only possible by implementing solid network solutions in external datacenters. That is why we organize your datacenter interconnectivity and your cloud connectivity.

Safeguard the continuity of your company

To safeguard the continuity of your business processes, reliability within your ICT domain is essential. We can offer you that reliability because we have a fully redundant network at our disposal and can establish our own private connections between datacenters and to the cloud. This means that the (confidential) data that you send and receive is not transported across an unsecured public network.

Partner Ecosystem

We offer a broad portfolio of services to meet all your needs and current and future requirements. In addition, we can help you organize and combine the services you select within your own ICT infrastructure. We connect you directly to our platform, which also includes such supplementary options as anti-DDos, IP Transit and peering services, and a wide range of partner services. We bring supply and demand together on a high-quality platform, enabling you to freely navigate a dynamic market.


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